Business transformation

Why business transformation?

"Altering the way in which an organisation does business."

Business transformation is the process of altering the way in which an organisation does business.

Business transformation provides a roadmap for a measured, goal-orientated response to marketplace events, or to the need to improve performance.

Business transformation is the execution of an integrated, business-wide programme aimed at ensuring an improved future:

  • Being integrated, it ensures alignment and internal consistency by reshaping the leadership, strategy, finances, organisation and operations of businesses as a whole
  • Being business-wide, it touches all people and departments in the organisation

All existing projects and initiatives under integrated and an umbrella of rigorous central project management.

Business transformation is business-case driven with tracking of results against original expectations.

"Change management."

But business transformation does not only provide the answers to what to change. 

More importantly, it also provides the answers on how to manage such change through employment of transformational change management.

Change management aligns and commits leadership, and make them accountable.

Change management creates buy-in and ownership of stakeholders through communication, and mobilising employees by involving them in designing and implementing change.

CRS business transformation

CRS business transformation services

"Proactive or remedial."

Our business transformation services are either proactive in response to industry developments, or remedial to address underperformance

Business transformation phases

The Diagnostic Review, during which the business transformation programme is designed, and Business Transformation Implementation represent our two business transformation phases.

Business transformation management

Business transformation management requires leadership, stakeholder management and project management to execute the business transformation plan.

Past CRS corporate renewal projects

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More about business transformation

Business transformation drivers

"Why transform?"

Business transformation in South Africa is often wrongly equated solely with BBBEE transformation. 

Whilst BBBEE dominates the transformation agenda in South Africa, other business transformation drivers are often not on the radar screen of organisations, much to their detriment.

The full framework of business transformation drivers are described by PESTLE - political, economic, social, technological, legal and environment.

Business transformation timing

"When to transform."

Proactive business transformation takes place in response to market-place events.

Remedial business transformation takes place in reaction to underperformance caused by past inaction.

The approach is the same irrespective of business transformation timing.

Business transformation timing (continued)

Remedial business transformation, however is more expensive since catch-up is required, and business performance has already been negatively affected. 

But in many ways the imperative to transform is more compelling since poor financial figures represent a more credible burning platform.

Business transformation design

"What to change during transformation."

Our business transformation design describes the approach integrating leadership, strategy, financial management, the organisation and its operations.

Change management

"How to manage transformational change."

Business transformation failure is seldom due to lack of knowledge of why and what to transform.  Most transformations that fail do so because of lack of knowledge of how to conduct change management during business transformation.


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Business transformation views

Business transformation and other projects

Business transformation does not replace but rather integrates - with greater overall effectiveness and at reduced costs - projects and initiatives such as new technology introduction, business process reengineering, total quality management, theory of constraints, empowerment, cost cutting, leadership, etc.



Business transformation is initiated by drivers, directed by a model and executed using change management.